SDE Intern Interview Experience @ Scaler

How was my application processed?

In early November, they released employment openings for a two-to-six-month internship for students in their pre-final or final year. There was no need for recommendations as we had to apply straight from their careers page.

Following the screening phase, I received a call for the first round of interviews at the end of November.

Initial Technical Phase

I studied for both the DSA and the foundational CS courses. We introduced ourselves to one another firstly. Later I was instructed to complete an exercise involving the largest subarray sum and upload it to their InterviewBit platform. All of the test cases were successful. And in the next 10 min. I finished my explanation and solution.

Then he started asking questions on SQL joins and whose indexes were in. Following that, he began to inquire about SQL joins and what SQL indexes were. In my résumé, I had also included MongoDB/DynamoDB. He had also utilized it in his work. The fundamentals of it (Local Secondary Index vs. Global Secondary Index, hashing in sort key) were so discussed. Later on, after completing discussion on my projects using React. I was questioned about virtual dom, why I would use React instead of vanilla js, why we build new objects in Redux while updating state instead of changing it by mutation, and a few other related things I can't recall right now xd :)

After that I got some js output questions based on event loops, callback queue, and microtask queue. At the end of the interview, I was given a take-home assignment to build an interview creation portal within 24 hours. I was asked to upload the code on Github and deploy it on AWS or Heroku.

The next day after submitting an assignment, I received the call that I will be having the next round.

Second Technical Phase

Asked me to go over all of the edge cases in the functionality of the assignment. Asked if I felt more at ease working on the front end or the back end. Gave him the summary. Gave users two features to use right away. He assessed my level of confidence, my decision-making about the use of particular feature, my familiarity with React. and the way I use functions and name my variables. I just got a call saying I made it through the round.

Round of Cultural Fitment with CTO

The goal of the ten to fifteen minute round was to learn more about myself. What makes me desire to work as an intern? What objectives do I have? Describe a project of which I am proud of, along with my reasons for being so. There was one aspect of my former internship that I loved and one aspect that I didn't enjoy.

End Outcome and Perspectives

Within two days, I received an email saying I was chosen for the internship. Out of all the interviews I've done this year for various firms, it was unarguably one of the most thrilling and difficult ones for me.

Tips for Preparation

Be ready to respond to inquiries about the tech stack you have demonstrated in your internship and projects. Be ready for more DSA questions, as they may be asked during the first round. They employ folks who have both DSA proficiency and development.

I hope you find this blog worth reading, and I was able to solve all your major queries regarding the Interview Experience @ Scaler. But still, if you have some, do reach out to me on Linkedin, I'll be more than happy to help you guys!!

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